Friday, July 29, 2011

Forums Page

I've just added a page with forums, so users can ask questions and get answers here directly, instead of having to search through various forums.  And I don't have to repeat my answers all over the web.

ReelPortal Forums

Since the app currently treats every room as private, if you wish to make your room known to other readers, post it in the "Public Rooms" sub-forum.

I'm new at this forum stuff, so bear with me as I sort it out.  It will improve with all your feedback :).

Saturday, July 23, 2011

iPhone/iPad App Now Available on iTunes

Note:  ReelPortal will be available on other markets outside the U.S. once export paperwork is approved.

ReelPortal is now officially available on iTunes App Store in the U.S. and Canada.  At this time, I want to limit the roll out to see if the ReelPortal server can handle the increased load.

The original goal is to have many independent servers at different locations, so people can choose the server that works best for their location.  It would also avoid the single-point of failure scenario.  However, with limited budget, I can only afford one small server on the East Coast USA currently.

You can help out with a donation here.  Or if you can host a ReelPortal server for public use, that would help.  Otherwise, you can also click on the various advertisements on this blog ;).

Note: If you are on a single-core iDevice (i.e. not iPad2), set your video resolution to 320x240, because the CPU can't really handle the higher 640x480 resolution.

New to ReelPortal?  Click how-to-use.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Adobe AIR 2.7 for Mobile Platforms

I'm disappointed to discover that only the desktop version (Windows/MacOS) of AIR 2.7 has echo cancellation support.  AIR 2.7 for all mobile platforms do not have it!  They should have used a different version number for them, since obviously, the features are different.

I was hoping 2.7 would solve all the audio problems folks had been complaining about.  There's no word of when Adobe will put this echo cancellation feature into the mobile versions.

Anyhow, the latest release of ReelPortal app (v1.0.5) has code to use it, just like the desktop version.  So it should automatically be enabled in whichever AIR version Adobe chooses to provide the feature.